Squirrel eats crape myrtle blooms…

Looking out the back patio door yesterday, I noticed some activity in one of the cherry laurel trees; a squirrel was fooling with something of a reddish color. In a moment, its reddish ball bounced away, and I saw it was a bloom on the end of my mauve-colored crape myrtle. The squirrel pulled it back again and tore it completely off its stem and started demolishing it. Then he leaped across to the crape myrtle and started nibbling at the blooms–several in succession.

I’ve never heard of a flower-eating squirrel. Is this common?

I guess I’m going to have to buy me a bb-gun. I hate those pesky animals anyway; they’re always digging holes in my pot plants. I hate to kill them, though; they are so darned cute. My visiting daughter looked out the door the other day and said it looked like a scene from a Disney movie–all the birds and squrrels cavorting about–she expected to see Snow White come dancing down the brick path.


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  1. Jethro Tull says:

    Get yourself a yard cat. That should keep the rodents up higher, at least. Wife was cleaning out the garage the other day, and found two squirrel tails. My yard cat continues to thin the ranks of the squirrel population. I thought he had caught all the slow, dumb squirrels, but I guess not.

  2. MetaLark says:

    Actually, I already have a yard cat. Unfortunately, his habitat is the front yard, where indeed he has killed a number of squirrels, birds, rats, and mice. He avoids the back yard, however, because that area is inhabited by two cat-averse dogs. Scraps–the Australian blue-heeler (adopted stray)–is very quick and has killed a number of squirrels, but he can’t climb my crape myrtle tree.

    I did a little Internet research, and the consensus is that squirrels do eat crape myrtles–mainly the seeds. One forum poster said, “A squirrel is a rat with a bushy tail and can eat damn near anything.”

  3. CharlesWT says:

    It’s amusing to see a squirrel clinging to a maclura pomifera (I would provide a link, but links puts the comment in moderation to never be seen again) fruit that weights more than it does while taking it completely apart to get all the seed.

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