Robert L Heilbronner: The Worldly Philosophers

Heilbronner’s 1950’s era classic economics history, The Worldly Philosophers, can be downloaded for free in epub format!

The book is totally Eurocentric, but extremely valuable all the same. I have been refering to the chapter, The Economic Revolution, for many years.


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  1. MetaLark says:

    Have you any recommendation for an application to read an EPUB file?

  2. plaasjaapie says:

    I have an android tablet which has a selection of readers that handle epub documents. I looked to see what was on PCs. The best free, open source one seems to be Calibre. It works well, though you have to be careful when you install it because the installer tries to install half a dozen things in addition which are of no use whatsoever. I had to uninstall them and run a virus and malware check to remove all the crap.

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