Tom DeLay verdict overturned

As several of us predicted way back on the old IOC forum, the phony case against Tom DeLay has been overturned on appeal … for LACK OF EVIDENCE.

As previously noted, you can indict a ham sandwich, but then eventually you have to produce a case that will hold up. As I and others suggested at the time, this case was baloney and now it’s been overturned.

Doesn’t help Mr. DeLay much, does it? Yet another victim of the media and a corrupt prosecutor.

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  1. MetaLark says:

    Good to hear from you, Larry.

    Yes, I’m happy that DeLay’s conviction was overturned, but still fuming over the fact that such a gross injustice is allowed to occur in the U.S. of A. And still angry that his Republican colleagues didn’t stand behind him. What a crop of weasels!

  2. MetaLark says:

    In today’s letters to the editor, this writer has a very well worded rebuke of two Houston Chronicle commentaters…
    —–start quote—–
    Regarding “DeLay’s Legacy” … and Lisa Falkenberg’s column, “‘DeLay-ism’ is just another word for sleazy” … the common theme of both pieces is that Republican Tom DeLay was uniquely corrupt in the annals of Texas politics.

    Reading either piece would lead one to believe that DeLay not only invented gerrymandering, partisanship and money laundering but was the sole practitioner. There are two problems with this interpretation:

    No. 1: In 2002, just prior to the DeLay-led gerrymander, Democrats won 53 percent of Texas congressional seats despite getting only 40 percent of the popular vote.

    This happened because Democrats had successfully gerrymandered the daylights out of the electoral map for decades prior. So blatant were Democrats’ abuses that in 2006, the courts eventually upheld the 2003 Republican redistricting map.

    No. 2: Neither piece mentions the shenanigans of Democrat prosecutor Ronnie Earle back in those days. The editorial makes much of the fact that a three-judge panel unfairly overturned a jury’s earlier guilty verdict, but I for one recall that Earle repeatedly convened grand juries until he got one that would indict DeLay.

    And let us not forget that Earle also led the effort to bring former Sen.Kay Bailey Hutchison up on corruption charges just prior to focusing his attention on DeLay.

    I’ve never been a fan of Tom Delay. He abused the earmark process to wield political power, but in so doing he was simply taking a page out of a manual written by the Democrats. That said, a fair telling of his story would include some history on Democratic gerrymandering prior to DeLay, along with the efforts of Democrat partisans like Earle to use the criminal justice system to harass their opponents. Hate him if you will, but Delay’s efforts resulted in election results that are far more fair than those when Democrats ruled Texas, and he should not have had to spend a decade and millions of dollars to defend himself against a partisan onslaught.

    Pete Smith, Houston
    —–end quote—–

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