How to host IOC

WordPress does not seem to be working out for IOC. The place is dying faster than I am!

If this is a matter of hosting, I wonder if one of us could not provide the server (etc.) so that Vlad could administer it from wherever he might be.

Could we not then install better forum software (what we had before this was excellent) and continue that way?

My problem is that I don’t know what is required. I have a high-speed Internet connection from Comcast cable network. I could easily get a computer that could handle the software and attach it to my system via our router. I could then make it available to Vlad to install better forum software and administer it. He could set it up any way he wants.

Is that feasible??

I don’t even really understand why we had to drop the old software and move to this stuff, which isn’t very good.

Anybody care to enlighten me on these issues?

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  1. academie says:

    I (academie) was planning to set up a system using forum software, on Vlad’s server, but every time I try there’s another barrier (set up an FTP account and wait for it to come online, e.g.), and I’ve gotten busy and I just don’t know when I’ll get to it. I’m sorry to disappoint.

    What I think is needed: forum software; some method for preventing spambots from trying to create account, because I’ve got a forum of my own, and I get 20 spambot attempts per day it seems; and I would like to see a way to post without being a member (but not for spambots). Captcha, I hear, is no longer sufficient, but I don’t know. A hiddenf field? One of those “What is 2+5?” questions?

  2. lwbloomer says:

    Do you know why we had to abandon the previous software? That was an excellent forum system, but apparently there were some sort of technical problems I never understood.

    I thought he was using someone else’s server and had to get our stuff off of it.

  3. plaasjaapie says:

    IIRC, the problem Vlad had was that the data base containing all of the posts over the years went over some maximum limit and crashed the system and the database.

  4. MetaLark says:

    I still think we ought to find another similar forum and just invade.

  5. plaasjaapie says:

    There are so few of us left that I doubt if any similar forum would even notice that we’d arrived, much less “invaded”. :-D

    I’d say that it would be simplest to create a closed group page in FB. The only problem with that is that FB’s search facility isn’t nearly as good as PHP’s. The nannies at FB typically leave closed group pages strictly alone unless someone on the membership list squalls. As well, it is impossible for outsiders to spam closed pages.

    The advantage to a closed FB page is that it is very easy to invite new members in from the huge FB community. That, as Vlad and others have found over the years, is nearly impossible with the PhP. :-(

    Carl, Cynthia, and Larry, as well as I have FB accounts.

    As well, we could transfer over to blogspot and create a closed blog. Blogspot doesn’t have nannies, to the best of my knowledge. We would have the same problem as here, however, with increasing membership.

    • MetaLark says:

      Also, with Blogspot I think we’d have the same problem with the format.

      I have a Facebook account, and I’ve been reading it more lately, but I’m not a big fan of that format either. (But maybe that’s because my “Friends” post so much junk, and few stay on any issue beyond a couple of posts.) Still, I’d prefer it to Blogspot.

      P.S. Perhaps “invade” was a poor word choice. In fact, I would have hoped that another forum would NOT notice that we’d come en masse. (Though I guess en masse is another unapt word choice.)

  6. lwbloomer says:

    I would be interested in trying a FB page.
    Can anyone post a link to one that would show us what it would be like?
    Not a closed one, obviously! But similar enough …

  7. lwbloomer says:

    I just looked at FB, which I don’t do very often, and found there is indeed a Group function. You can create a Group that is

    Open – which is what it means
    Closed – others can see the group and who is in it but not the posts
    Secret – only members see the group, the posts or who is in the group. Of course, FB does not point out that FB can see all of this!

    There is the ability to add members to the group you are creating if they are members of FB.

    I created a group called IOC Goes On just to see what happens. Here it is:

  8. plaasjaapie says:

    Has anybody run this past Vlad?

    • lwbloomer says:

      I wanted to, but couldn’t figure out how to contact him directly. I probably knew that at one time, but not anymore.

      I created the FB group strictly to see what it would be like. I am not sure it’s any better than this, except for the potential expansion. Are there ways to conduct discussions of different subjects – threads that split off from the main page? I have to experiment with it a bit. Also need to get other members of our group to take a look. I don’t know what MetaLark is on FB, for example. Or Academie, if he is on there.

      Anyway, I would sure welcome Vlad’s input. I’m sure he will have more and better ideas than I do.

  9. academie says:

    I had considered just setting up a forum, but didn’t want to step on any toes. And I just wish I had had more time to do this.

    I wouldn’t want to do FB for this — too hard to keep the worlds separate, and I avoid politics on FB.

  10. admin says:

    Hello, Everyone

    I have just returned from two weeks tour in Turkey.

    A lot of interesting things, but not for this topic.
    I have jet lag now, so my brain is not working yet.
    I am ready to pick up on any solution using this server, or another one, but realizing now, that I would need your help in handling it.

    The need for help is related to my work schedule now which is thoroughly destroying me with too much multitasking. I am beginning to think of retirement, but realize that we should not wait on changes in my life.

    Honestly, I did not read thoroughly all your input here, so maybe I would add something after reading all of it.

    I can tell you one thing. Think of it.
    I can return immediately to the new version of the same old software but on one condition. No new users without administration approval. This would prevent spam completely, but, at the same time, very little could be done to attract new blood in these conditions.

  11. lwbloomer says:

    Welcome back, Vlad!

    We have been gathering a bunch of old-timer IOC people at an open group page on Facebook. You might want to check in there and say Hi to some old friends. Reno, hitechluddite, Cynthia (CA), CharlesWT and others are there already.
    We were discussing this same issue and trying to figure out what to do.

  12. academie says:

    No promises, but I may soon try to create a site, using hosting and software I already know. If I do, what shall I call it?

  13. academie says:

    I am now playing around with some forum software. Again, no promises! I am going to let it sit a couple of weeks and see if I start getting bogus registrations that can get past reCAPTCHA and a hidden CAPTCHA field. If not, I’d say we’re looking good. Maybe I could then install the stuff on Vlad’s site.

  14. lwbloomer says:

    I hope it succeeds, acad. We have MetaLark, hitechluddite (Carl Tope), Cynthia and some others joined on a Facebook page. We may have tracked down AlanH, as well. Not sure yet. Would like to get a new site going before they all lost interest. Also Reno is a member on FB, and Vlad (I think).

  15. academie says:

    Uploaded new forum software today. Technical glitch on finishing the installation now (which is certainly to be expected).

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